Franz Kafka

So there is 5000 of you now, from all around the world, reading what I post. Never could I have thought that so many people would bother and actually visit this tumblog, which was originally meant to be a place where I could store all Kafka’s sentences I related to.

So, for all of you, probably most of you, who don’t know anything about me — My name is Tea, I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Southeastern Europe). I have personal blog as well, goodreads and I will follow back only if we have similar taste/I like your blog, and for and goodreads, please add only if we share interests. 

from The Blue Octavo Notebooks
"Kafka is a ‘writer of absence’, describing a world that remains religious in its structure but in which the central place belonging to God is empty."
— S. Zizek, Less than nothing

The Trial (1962), dir. Orson Welles
"All is imaginary - family, office, friends, the street, all imaginary, far away or close at hand."
— Franz Kafka, Diaries
"How can one heart, one heart not entirely sound, bear so much discontent and the incessant tugging of so much desire?"
— Franz Kafka, Diaries
"Accept your symptoms, don’t complain of them; immerse yourself in your suffering."
— Franz Kafka, Diaries
"Eternal youth is impossible; even if there were no other obstacle, introspection would make it impossible."
— Franz Kafka 
"I dreamt that I heard Goethe reciting, with infinite freedom & arbitrariness."
— Franz Kafka, Diaries

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