Franz Kafka

"For it is I alone who carry all anxieties and fears within me, as alive as snakes; I alone who scrutinize them constantly, and only I know what they are."
— Franz Kafka, Letters to Felice
"In a way, you are poetry material. You are full of cloudy subtleties I am willing to spend a lifetime figuring out."
— Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena
"Afternoon. Letting the head full of disgust and hatred sink, the chin upon the chest."
— Franz Kafka, from The Blue Octavo Notebooks
"When I say something, this thing immediately and definitively loses its importance. When I write it down, it also loses it, but sometimes gains another importance."
— Franz Kafka, Diaries 1912-1914  
"I sink into a peaceful numbness."
— Franz Kafka, from Diaries 
"It is as if I were made of stone, as if I were my own tombstone, there is no loophole for doubt or for faith, for love or repugnance, for courage or anxiety, in particular or in general, only a vague hope lives on, but no better than the inscriptions on tombstones."
— Franz Kafka, from Diaries 
"Now I can also tell you at last that your stare has been comforting me for a long time. And I hope to learn from you how things really are, why it is that around me things sink away like fallen snow, whereas for other people even a little liqueur glass stands on the table steady as a statue."
— Franz Kafka
Word Portraits: Franz Kafka as “Metamorphosis” by John Sokol 

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